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One of the most famous app to buy bitcoin, it is now offering a debit card in UK soon in Europe to spend your crypto currency. Backed by leading investors like BBVA or New Stock Exchange, Coinbase is trusted by more than 20 millions customer around the world. A dedicated app is available to help you to manage your spend.


None Points
  • App
  • Free withdrawal up to 200£
  • Well known exchange
  • High fees on overall services
Open accountClose accountDomestic ATM TransactionInternational ATM TransactionForeign exchange feeMonthly service feeLoading feeShipping cost
FreeFreeFree up to 200£ 1%Free up to 200£ 2% 4.95 £
NetworkInsuranceRewardsCard typeAppTransfer between userPhysical CardVirtual CardApple PayAndroid Pay
Value dail online transactionSingle ATM transaction limitDaily ATM withdrawal limitMonthly ATM withdrawal limitMax single top-up valueMax daily loadMax daily limit bank transfers
10’000 GBP500 GBP500 GBP
Multiple currencyCurrencyCountry avaibility
NoGBPUK Soon in EU
BitcoinOther cryptoTransfer In/Out cryptoWithout KYC
IBANCountry IBANWire transferTradingBanking license

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