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The second offering from Monese help you to have a current account with no fees on cash withdrawal and currency exchange up to 800 £. You can have UK account number with additional Euro account with which you can transfer money. They offer different premium offer with smaller fees against a fixed monthly with the Plus and Premium. From now, you can have a Romanian account with a local IBAN. So With your new RON account, you’ll be able to shop, spend and save like a true local, using the country’s currency, the Romanian Leu.


*100% based on user rating
Open accountClose accountDomestic ATM TransactionInternational ATM TransactionForeign exchange feeMonthly service feeLoading feeShipping cost
FreeFree800£ free 2% after800£ free 2% after8000£ free after 2%4.95€800£ free 2% afterFree
NetworkInsuranceRewardsCard typeAppTransfer between userPhysical CardVirtual CardApple PayAndroid Pay
Value dail online transactionSingle ATM transaction limitDaily ATM withdrawal limitMonthly ATM withdrawal limitMax single top-up valueMax daily loadMax daily limit bank transfers
5’000 €2’500 €20’000 EUR *countryNo limitNo limit50’000 EUR
Multiple currencyCurrencyCountry avaibility
NoEURBelgium, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
BitcoinOther cryptoTransfer In/Out cryptoWithout KYC
IBANCountry IBANWire transferTradingBanking license
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