Swissquote Gold Card

The most expensive card that Swissquote is offering but it gives you more limits and 1% rewards for your spending compared to 0.5% for the silver card for 200 CHF per year or 16.67 CHF a month.

Compared to others cards, you don’t have any free withdrawals and for swiss resident, you have insurance.


*100% based on user rating
  • Swiss bank
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Banking services
  • Trading services
  • Rewards
  • Customer care hotline
  • Credit card (car location)
  • 3D Secure Technology
  • More expensive
  • No virtual card with Apple/Android Pay
  • No free withdrawals
  • App a little behind to manage a budget
  • No mid-market rate
Open accountClose accountDomestic ATM TransactionInternational ATM TransactionForeign exchange feeMonthly service feeLoading feeShipping cost
FreeFree3.5% min 5€3.5% min 5€Free & 1.5% other currenciesFree first year 200 €
NetworkInsuranceRewardsCard typeAppTransfer between userPhysical CardVirtual CardApple PayAndroid Pay
MastercardYes (swiss resident)YesCreditYesNoYesNoNoNo
Value dail online transactionSingle ATM transaction limitDaily ATM withdrawal limitMonthly ATM withdrawal limitMax single top-up valueMax daily loadMax daily limit bank transfers
5000 CHF/USD/EUR5000 CHF/USD/EURUnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple currencyCurrencyCountry avaibility
YesCHF / USD / EUR / JPY / GBP / AUD / CAD / SEK / HKD / NOK / DKK / AEDWorld without US/JP
BitcoinOther cryptoTransfer In/Out cryptoWithout KYC
IBANCountry IBANWire transferTradingBanking license
YesCHYesTraditional + Forex + CryptoYes

Other type of cards

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